Im just getting into investing now and through reading alot and watching videos it looks like dividend investing and compound interest over time really is the way to go. My end goal really is to create a passive income, nothing to really sustain myself for at least a while but start generating.

I already very minorly invested in SPY, MRNA, OUSA as OUSA and SPY seem to be super safe investing opportunities and MRNA is something we are theorizing to go up.

Id really like any pointers in the right direction. Everything I watch and read says to start investing immediately and do it whenever you can and the other half say its a trap/not worth it. I’m of the opinion that if I start early like this I can really start creating a great future for myself.


my budget would probably be about 5-10k to start out with as I dont want to spend more than 10-20% of my worth. (please correct me here if this is a bad idea also).

Much appreciated.

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